Based on science,
we candidly advise you on how to dramatically increase your sales revenue and improve your profits.

From Doug C. Brown – CEO of Business Success Factors

Dear CEO and/or business owner,

Are you frustrated with your company’s sales revenues? Is your team just not selling at the level you need them to, and you are not sure if it is the people or the process that is the cause? And no matter what the reason is, you feel this is a problem that must get fixed and resolved right the first time?

If this is you, then you are in the right place!

We specialize in helping CEOs, business owners and companies to optimize sales process while dramatically increasing revenues.

A few of our many clients: 

Intuit the QuickBooks Company. The team took the division that was responsible for checks and other assorted items from a loss to a net gain in under 12 months

Global Real Estate Company. Worked with the main division in France increasing cross border retail sales resulting in amplified revenues, productivity and efficiencies.

A Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes B2B training company. Increased sales close rates from 17.8% to 43.2% in under 6-months. Increased service offering revenue by 862%.

If your objectives are…

  • To be more efficient in you sales process in selling more
  • To gain more clients
  • To sell larger clients
  • To increase more client appointments
  • To effectively sell more with more ease
  • To have more profit
  • To get a clear business sales model
  • To train your sales team
  • Better marketing / prospecting to attract more clients
  • To hire a top producing sales team
  • To create leverage in your business
  • To sell many versus one
  • To gain mental clarity or to remove emotional blocks holding your team back.

…then I can help you! 

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