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I help business grow and expand their company’s sales revenue

When it comes to entrepreneurship and growing companies’ sales revenue, I am one of the top experts. I have started and built over 35 companies and have helped others grow their sales revenue – including increasing a company’s close rate by 862% and increasing their revenue growth by 116% within the span of four months.

Through my experience and first-hand knowledge, I’ve dedicated most of my life to be able to solve the major challenges that companies are facing while trying to grow their sales revenue.

I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of hours working with companies and individual salespeople. This has helped me to understand the gaps in their process, skills, and sometimes simply the way that they think. This helps me find the best solutions and frameworks (rooted in science) to close these gaps.


There is a lot of written information today about selling and sales strategies, but there is a big challenge with much of this information.

Without looking at the overall sales revenue growth strategy for your company, sales strategies are only effective to a degree and can leave a lot of money left on the table, cause stress, and make your work a more difficult journey.

Also, expert sales revenue growth strategies have only been available to those who could invest hundreds of thousands of dollars to get professional help.

But what about businesses that do not have that kind of cash flow to acquire this information? There are books and articles that talk about sales revenue growth strategies, but most are so complex that implementing their advice is often confusing. So, how do you know what sales revenue growth strategy to use and how to properly implement it?

For these businesses, I created the Sales Revenue Growth University.

Every businessperson has the potential to grow their business to and beyond their expectations with the right knowledge and support. If you are a service-based business with a high-profit offer and are driven by sales, then this is the right place for you.


*Minimum requirements:

– for coaches and consultants – at least $80,000/year in sales revenue

– other types of service-based services – at least $400,000/year in sales revenue


When you might want and/or need to work in-depth on a specific and customized project for your company.

Here’s what I can do to improve your company’s sales revenue:


A thorough review of your current sales methodologies, processes, and procedures, plus a sales playbook to evaluate your current sales landscape to identify strengths and weaknesses.

A revenue expansion growth plan that will show you detailed areas of improvement, which will expand your revenues.

Making effective use of your current sales process and people by optimizing processes that are working and overhaul what is not to increase sales.

This is a proven company’s sales process that has generated over $10 billion in sales. I’ll teach you how to do peer-to-peer team selling and how to sell to high-level executives.

A systematic and duplicatable process designed to hire the best salespeople. This includes an in-depth understanding of the sales DNA that is required of top sales performers and the ads needed to attract them.

One of the forms of leverage for your company is building an agency of independent people who will sell your services or products.

The best salespeople must have consistent training and maintain accountability to remain at the top. We train in the art of prospecting, follow-ups, referrals, conversions, and closing to create a master salesperson.

If you are looking for help in the areas listed above, send me your contact information as well as the main challenges you need to resolve in the near future, and I will be in touch!


When people think about sales conversion, they often think about magic formulas and words they could use to close the sale.

After generating over $500 million in sales for my clients, I learned that there is a better and easier way to win more sales, more often. It’s through Conversational Sales Conversion.

My Conversational Sales Conversion training is all about mastering formulas for conscious communication with your potential or current client so you feel like you own the formulas in your conversations.

No more scripts to memorize, no more concerns that you will forget what to say, and no more confusion about how to react to a buyer’s words. Instead, you can act with confidence from the very first contact with your potential client.

Through the Conversational Sales Conversion training, you will learn how to use formulas of conscious communication that serve both the buyer and you as the seller. It’s the ultimate win-win strategy that spawns more referrals, more sales, and the ability to expand sales since you stand out to the buyer as a trusted expert.


There is a specific group of entrepreneurs that like to ask questions only when they feel stuck, and are unsure of how to move forward by themselves.

From time to time, I take coaching clients who I believe are ready and committed to doing what great business requires of them in order to grow their company sales revenue. Some of them prefer 1-on-1 and some of them love group coaching as they enjoy learning from other’s business experiences.

I don’t do this very often, but those who have the opportunity to coach with me get great results very quickly.

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