What Business Success Factors does?

We expand and optimize your sales revenues!

A common critical mistake companies make when optimizing sales revenue is prescribing before diagnosing.

What does that mean to me?

Here is an excellent analogy for comparison.

If we went to a doctor and said my back hurts here and the doctor said, “great, lets operate on your back, and we start at 2 PM today” most people would say “I would like first to understand what I am getting into and why” before they take the surgery step.

But when it comes to business, most people tend to rely on gut feelings vs. having objective truth. The result is, sometimes that works, and sometimes that does not. When it works, we feel great, and when it does not, the result is a loss of money, time, and other damages.

A doctor will get sued when this happens. Therefore, a doctor will diagnose and assess before prescribing the solution. They start with tests and investigate beforehand to make sure they know they have the correct needed process to achieve the desired outcome.

For example, they will do an MRI, and maybe they find out indeed, you have a slipped disc, and surgery is needed. However, microsurgery or laser surgery is the proper prescription vs. significant back surgery. Or they find out during the MRI that the patient actually has a physically shorter leg on one side so and is favoring the other side when they stand, and this is what is causing their back pain. All that is actually needed to cure the pain is a simple, inexpensive, non-invasive heel lift placed in their shoe. The root problem is correctly solved because they performed a diagnostic and assessment first and let the science and the objective truth help reveal the real-truth.

When it comes to optimizing your sales revenues, we help you by scientifically diagnosing and assessing the objective truth, which means that your probability of prescription success skyrockets!

For example, if you want to hunt big sales, those sales that are 5X plus ordinary revenue. Do you have the right people, processes, and systems in place to do so effectively and efficiently to close and handle those sales? Many companies do not. 

You probably want all your salespeople to hit quota consistently. Are they? If not, or if so, is it the salesperson or the system, or both?

Do your salespeople have the will to sell or do they give up too quickly after hearing NO?

Are they in the right role, or do you have farmers in hunters’ positions?

Are your salespeople accurately forecasting sales?

Are they getting in front of enough qualified prospects?

Do they have the right sales DNA for their role?

Are they closing deals for you for the top margins?

Are your sales processes driving lots of referrals?

If not, then who or what is the truth behind the problem?

This is where science helps when it comes to a clear diagnosis of the real problems. No speculation, just the facts. We help you compare your sales team to the benchmarks and profile you seek based on the needed role. We cross compare data to over 2 Million salespeople and managers to get the best out of your people.

Then we assess your processes and systems.

Then we prescribe what is needed to get you the results you seek, and this is presented to you as a growth plan.

Our Track Record

Since 2001 we have been advising businesses on how to improve their revenues and bottom-line profits. From exceptionally large organizations such as Proctor and Gamble, Intuit, and others to medium-sized businesses of 5 million and up. Our greatest professional success has been increasing a company’s closing rate by 862% and increasing revenue growth by 116% within four months. While that is not the standard of growth for most companies, it is not unusual for us to see high growth rates when companies embrace our methodology.

About Doug

I am Doug Brown, CEO of Business Success Factors. I started working for my families business at the age of three, since that time I have started and built over 35 companies. I have three college degrees, and I am America’s number one expert in revenue expansion and sales optimization. During college at Berklee College, Northeastern University, and Salem State University, I supported myself by selling music equipment to colleges, universities, corporations, and some of the world’s biggest bands such as Aerosmith, Boston, Billy Joel, The Eagles, Extreme and others. I served 12 years in the US Army, during which I was awarded the battalion’s most distinguished soldier award graduating 2nd in my class and was then enrolled at the Massachusetts Military Academy.

After my service, I worked at and became the top-selling sales representative for a 2-billion-dollar company. These experiences laid the groundwork to form my own consulting and auditing company.

I have traveled to 47 out of the 50 US states and 14 countries where I have consulted, coached, advised, and trained thousands of people in business, some of those companies include Enterprise-Rent- Car, Nationwide, Intuit, Proctor and Gamble, CBS Television. I have also served as an independent president of sales and training for companies of Tony Robbins, Chet Holmes, and Russ Whitney. My efforts have collectively generated over 500 million dollars in sales—my last client generated 3 million dollars in new sales in 5 weeks.

My greatest success will always be raising two beautiful girls and teaching both of them how to graduate college while earning and banking over $188,000 US dollars in their accounts upon graduation.
I am a vocalist who enjoys music and entertaining, public speaking, and working out. I am a Best-selling Author in 11 categories in 5 different countries.


My book, Win-Win Selling, Unlocking your Power of Profitability by Resolving Objections, was published in 2020. It became a bestseller in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and the Philippines. It is a unique must-read for anyone who sells or wants to communicate on a higher level and have win-win outcomes.

Who I've Worked With

CBRE Richard Ellis
Chet Holmes International
State Farm
Jason’s Deli
Coldwell Banker

City of Houston, TX
CBS television
Proctor and Gamble
Embassy Suites by Hilton

Business Breakthroughs International
Federation of Professional Athletes (FPA)
Cellular Sales
New Horizons
Enterprise-Rent-A Car